Top Five Major Components That A Car Audio System Comprises  

With the fast speed advancing technologies for vehicles, the business is also displaying innovations and improvements in automobile audio accessories. Today, most of the people fit audio systems in their cars to add excitement, fun and pleasure to driving. Rockford, Sony and Pioneer India are some of the most popular brands of vehicle audio available today.

Generally, a normal car stereo comprises of a speaker, amplifier and head unit that is generally installed by the car manufacturers. However, the newest in car audio technique consists of USB, Ogg, WMA, MP3, AAC and Bluetooth. These innovations determined in most of the luxury vehicles launched in India. Below, we have mentioned some of the audio accessories that drivers, especially young love to have installed in their cars.


1. Amplifiers
Usually, amps are available in two, four or six channels and help to raise the low-voltage audio signals received from the pump to force the speakers. They ensure the highest energy handling capability or capacity of the speakers. You can purchase high-quality car speakers at Rockford or Sony India.

2. Sub-woofers
They are responsible for that depth what you want to hear, and are often used to provide high efficiency of weak or low frequencies. When you are selecting choosing a subwoofer in your vehicle, first decide what type of output you are looking for. For instance, if you like to listen to music in high voice, then you should go with an 1800w sub-woofer, but buy a 500w sub if you are a light listener. An 1100w or close subwoofer is a decent output to provide the requirements of money folks.

3. Rear Component
They are speakers and fitted on the wooden plank in the back doors. Always choose a 3 way speaker in spite of a 2 way speaker because this can suppress the voice part of your song and will wind up throwing the punches only.

4. Cables
If your music system with its configuration is great, but the cables are not of the best quality, then the expected output will not at all reach the components. Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you have the best car in the world, but the roads are full of holes and dips, then you can’t drive your car at the speed of 60 or 80. So, in order to take pleasure in a luxury car, you definitely would desire to road to be accordingly as well. Remember, car wiring kits are inexpensive in compared to buying all the components separately and then wiring them.

5. Head Unit
You must choose a 4 channel head unit and read the box carefully. If you need to be making sure that you go for a 4 channel amplifier, ask the seller many times. Remember, there are some ways where a two-channel unit is mapped to a four channel amplifier, but this fix obstructs the sound quality.


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