Top 5 Usability Tips For Your Ecommerce Online structure  

Today, there are uncounted numbers of shopping sites as a result the competition is increasing day by day, so you cannot afford to lose customers due to lack of usability of your website.

Need to Register

One thing that most of the online buyers do not like when they are buying products from shopping sites is the long and boring sign-up process before make an online order. Therefore, you can allow your visitors to purchase products without the need to register. This will not only increase your business sales, but reduce cart abandonment and improve customer retention as well.

Provide Detailed Descriptions about Products & Services

There are lots of ecommerce sites, which provide product descriptions within in 3 to 5 words only. Remember, it makes sense to provide complete information about the products with clear photos repeat. Always you make your detailed descriptions unique rather than just copying what the manufacturer wrote, it will also better for SEO reasons.

Out of Sight Charges

Ensure that you have displayed prices, shipping charges, taxes, discounts, so that buyers know the final price of the products. If you present to online purchasers with a lot of unexplained or hidden prices, they can abandon their purchase and their trust in your site will also be broken.


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